Rochester Local News Has a Lot to Offer Residents

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Rochester new york newspapers

Rochester local news has a lot to offer residents. A historic leader in newspaper publishing, Rochester also has excellent television and radio outlets. Taken together, these outlets not only compete with each other, but offer residents the best and most thoughtful coverage available.

Rochester local news has a rich history. This is especially true with Rochester New York newspapers, which created a media empire. The Rochester Times Union, an evening Rochester newspaper, was a launching pad for Frank Gannett, who started the paper in 1918. Building a company here, Gannett founded several newspapers, and his company went on to publish USA Today.

Local TV also has a rich diversity. All four broadcast TV companies have an affiliate here, each of which provides Rochester local news service. A team of on air correspondents and veteran reporters keeps the Rochester local news TV stations competing against each other, and thereby providing the best, most complete news coverage.

Rochester local news is also served by several AM radio stations. One, an affiliate of a national radio broadcasting service, transmits national news to listeners, and partners with a local TV station to get news. Another, a public radio station, has reporters covering area business, technological change, and Albany politics.

Of course, the above outlets are only an overview of Rochester local news. There are other outlets, particularly in print, that circulate Rochester. These, combined with the aforementioned Rochester local news outlets, weave a rich news tapestry into Rochester, and give area residents diversity.